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Champions Northcote edge the Team of the Season selection for the WSFV 2021.

By Kosta Diamantopoulos

It was another quality campaign for Hercules as Nas Said confirmed a successful title defence - this time in a much more competitive competition compared to the previous season, finishing first by just three points. The champions see the most inclusions in the 2021 Team of the Season after a number of stand-out individual performances were required to lead the title-race early as three of its four losses would come late in the season and by this stage, first place seemed too far gone for challengers Amazons and Heart.

Goalkeeper: Paige Daly

Paige Daly kicks off the starting line-up between the sticks after a stand-out season in which she can certainly claim was her personal best. With Carlton having conceded the least amount of goals in the competition and Daly playing every game for her side, she has clearly been instrumental in a highly positive season that saw the Hearts improve drastically. Daly will hope to build off her fantastic campaign and carry her form onto next season as the players in front of her continue to mould and develop into one of the most dangerous squads in the league.

Anchor (left): Rebecca Davies

Heart Captain Rebecca Davies joins teammate Daly in the Team of the Season selection after her incredible campaign allowed the anchor to prove herself as one of WSFV's most consistent performers whilst simultaneously improving everybody around her. Davies has been nothing but pivotal in Carlton's rise to becoming a championship-threatening side and with a fantastic 32 goals and 8 assists in 19 games, she will surely have a tough time attempting to follow up her mammoth performances as she confirms herself as the player with the most goal contributions in the league at a staggering 40 combined goals and assists.

Forward (left): Camila Fresneda

Playing higher up the court and putting on a number of game-deciding performances was this season's statement-signing for the Amazons, Camila Fresneda. Fresh out of winning the championship with former side Northcote FC, Fresneda proved that she can be the main attraction when she acted as the decisive factor in many of her side's victories throughout the season. Fresneda notched a fantastic 20 goals and 13 assists in 15 games, confirming that the transfer was anything but the wrong move for the skillful goalscorer. Alongside fellow star-signings Eleni Fakos and Jessica Au, the trio lit up the 2021 season and solidified the Amazon's very real threat to the WSFV title race.  

Anchor (right): Lisa Fonua

Northcote boast the remaining two selections in the starting line-up of the Team of the Season, beginning with fantastic finisher Lisa Fonua. You can find Fonua playing a range of roles throughout the season, constantly putting herself in threatening positions in every game she played. Whether it be controlling an aerial ball and scoring on the turn, or firing an unsavable effort from range, Fonua was unstoppable at multiple points in the 2021 season. Fonua fired 21 goals and 14 assists in 16 games, allowing her to finish the 2021 season as one of the league's most prolific performer with 35 goal contributions.

Forward (right): Daniella Galluccio

The last inclusion is one that has undoubtedly encapsulated the champion's positive attitude towards every game as she constantly played with a smile on her face, and put in a great shift whilst doing so. Fan-favourite Daniella Galluccio loves to arrive and put in a shift and over the last two seasons has proved herself as a crucial asset to a championship-winning side, infecting her teammates with undeniable confidence no matter how valiant the opposition may be. Galluccio was present in 16 of the 18 league games her side participated in and notched an impressive 15 goals and 14 assists, developing herself into an absolutely essential element to her side's successful title defence.

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