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Transfer Window Preview


IN the blink of an eye the first half of the 2020/21 campaign is about to be completed and the Series Futsal world will find itself in the mid-season transfer window once again. 


There are certainly holes to fill in most, if not all SFV clubs, but there is little transfer activity being murmured amongst the Futsal Oz community.


A typical transfer window would consist of rumours and whispers amongst the SFV world but it appears loyalty is becoming a common trait amongst the biggest stars in Victorian futsal.


With that being said, let’s identify some of the rumours and early confirmed transfers that have slipped through the cracks so far.

Moe Matar >>> Hume FC Return


Expectations of the longevous Hume FC have been on the decline in recent seasons due to rumours of the club being sold in 2020 and general underperformance in the 2020/21 campaign.


The ‘Black Army’ will be looking to snatch back former glory by bringing Series Futsal veteran Moe Matar back to where he made a name for himself. 


Matar will look to rediscover old form as his uneventful stint with FC Carlton Heart and a poor start to the 2020/21 season led to the left-footer parting ways with his club weeks before the opening of the mid-season transfer window.


Although Hume FC have dropped hints on their social media of a returning player, the transfer is still yet to be confirmed. Rumours have linked Matar to Western Wolves FC since his departure from the Hearts but the overwhelming majority of the SFV community believe we will see Moe Matar playing in the State League Championship.

James Ignatidis >>> Fitzroy FC (confirmed)


After an undefeated, stellar start to the 2020/21 campaign, Preston Futsal Club find themselves losing their number one goal-scorer in recent seasons to Victorian giants Fitzroy Tigers Futsal Club.


It was a transfer that was in the works throughout the opening half of the 2020/21 campaign and certainly will please members of the Fitzroy club as they have acquired one of the most dominant strikers of a futsal ball in the Elite Leagues.


Defences and goalkeepers have been made aware of the bullet left foot of Ignatidis, but Jimmy Soufis and co. will certainly have their work cut out for them as they look to integrate their new acquisition into their squad for the second half of the campaign.


“I am very satisfied with my move – Fitzroy have a style of play that I have not yet been exposed to - futsal-wise. I’m excited to improve and adjust to their style, while bringing my strengths to the squad”, says Ignatidis.


“I enjoyed my time with Preston, I just felt it was time for me to test myself in a team that will exploit my weakness.”


In a season where side-ball assisted strikes have been a constant throughout, there’s no denying Fitzroy have landed a serious goalscoring threat - but time will tell if Ignatidis is ready to be a part of the Tigers relentless possession and ball-moving prowess that has allowed them to sit on top of the table after the first eight rounds.



Abdirizak Ahmed >>> Regent FC


A rumour that would surely rock the Series Futsal community due to the sheer adulation of Abdirizak Ahmed could see the ‘Barista’ add fuel to the Regent flame that appears to be burning bright this season.


Although spells of inconsistency have appeared in a few contests, Regent have taken advantage of the smaller court-size in Brunswick and proved to be one of the more formidable sides in SFV.


Known as one of the most unorthodox and simply unconventional teams to verse due to their unique style of play and high-work rates, Regent could be adding exactly what they need to the mix with Ahmed boasting a wealth of experience and numerous trophies under his belt. 


Ahmed could be the perfect player to compliment the highly underrated Shifa Ahmed, who has lifted his performance to a new height since playing in a new role from the back and leading his teammates to impressive victories over Moreland and the Western Wolves.


‘Zaky’ has only seen his popularity grow throughout the season as the packed Brunswick crowd has been chanting his name and celebrating his goals at louder volumes than ever. 

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