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Tottenham – on the rise and deprived of compromise. The longevous club that’s been on the verge of Premier League domestic success during their most recent years has seen it’s fanbase explode in numbers. The ‘Yid Army’ is the term used for the Tottenham Hotspur fanbase, which has been at the brunt of attempts to destroy the reference from the FA and notable personalities. The reason behind the outrage is due to the offensive origins of the term ‘Yid’ which addresses Jewish and a slanderous manner. This being the case, Tottenham’s dedicated fans didn’t budge as they chanted ‘We are Tottenham, we sing what we want! Yid Army! Yid Army! Yid Army! Yiddos! Yiddos! Yiddos!’. Keep in mind, most supporters literally have no Jewish affiliation.

white hart lane spurs crowd.jpg

Currently occupying the legendary Wembley Stadium as they wait for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s construction to be completed. In 2015, prior to the decision to build a new stadium, Spurs were selling out matches week in and week out with a diehard fanbase that was only growing stronger. The successful ticket sales would be a major factor in the decision to replace White Hart Lane with a new and improved home ground for their fans to watch their beloved Spurs continue to grow (opening in 2019). The stadium upgrade just shows how bright the future is for Spurs due to their dedicated Yid Army.

It’s not all that bad being a Tottenham fan, if there’s anything a fan loves to see its homegrown players making the starting 11, and trophies. Although deprived of their trophies, Spurs have seen the likes of Danny Rose, Harry Kane, Harry Winks and co. manage to find their way into being standout players, some could fit into any EPL starting lineup. How can a Tottenham Fan not love seeing the dedication from these players? But, their of course, must always be a rebuttal from rival fans. The ‘no-trophy’ argument will always hinder Spurs fans, until they finally retrieve some new silverware to take up some space in the historic trophy cabinet that hasn’t been updated since 2008 when they won the League Cup. The last few trophyless seasons won’t phase Spurs’ fans, as they can see their huge potential is just around the corner from being fulfilled.

hArry kane danny rose.jpg
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