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In collaboration with Series Futsal Victoria, you can now find an up-to-date Elite League Ranking System every week via

With the Elite Leagues coming to a week-long Easter break, we can analyse club's 2023/1 form by seeing their progress in the ranking system after the opening 11 rounds.


Looking into some of the biggest earners, Hume leads the race after gaining a total of 153 ranking points. Starting the season with 1850 points, they now sit 4th place with 2003 points, moving up from 9th spot. The Black Army's biggest wins were against both title-challengers Fitzroy and Moreland, which expectedly gave them a huge push in the rankings.


Ravenhall Raptors (+143), RMIT (+125), Northern RSL (+118), North Park Owls (+109) and Melbourne Crescent (+107) are the only teams to have gained over 100 points to add to their tally. Likewise at the bottom of that ladder, Pascoe Vale (-100), Brunswick (-112), Northcote (-119), South Melbourne (-123), Thomastown (-130) and Point Cook Wolves (-207) are the teams with points loses over 100 points. It's worth mentioning, Fitzroy, Moreland and Campbellfield, who started the season on 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, as well as Preston on 5th, are the only team in the top 10 to hold the same spot after round 11 and all clubs cup game.


In terms of position change, Pascoe Vale finds themselves in this category once again. Losing 100 points from their starting 1,746 points, they have dropped most positions, from 11th place to 19th place after round 11. Thomastown, Brunswick, Richmond and South Melbourne, who started the 2023/1 season campaign on 21th, 25th, 24th and 28th respectively have all dropped down to 27th, 30th, 28th and 32nd after round 11.


On the other hand, Prahran, Ravenhall Raptors, RMIT and Melbourne Crescent have all gained 6 positions from their season starting position of 19th, 27th, 29th and 32nd respectively to now 13th, 21st, 23rd and 26th respectively.

By Joseph Ackon

See the full list here

Tune in the Round 12 of the Elite Leagues starting with State League Three kicking off Monday!

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