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Oh, the Madridistas, how all fans across the world envy the shoes you walk in. How satisfying it must be to watch your beloved Los Blancos annihilate Europe's most coveted competition, the UEFA Champions League for four out of five seasons straight. Sounds like fans must be overly-satisfied with Real Madrid achieving domestic and European success both quantitatively and qualitatively. This assumption segues into our tips and advice on how to fit in with your stereotypical Madridistas.

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The proof is in the pudding, over the years of dominance Madridistas have found themselves booing legends of the club, including Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and serial grand final goalscorer Gareth Bale. These examples are equivalent to the likes of Roma booing Totti, AC Milan fans booing Van Basten, Manchester United fans booing Eric Cantona, but it’s all second nature from Real Madrid fanatics, this is what makes being a Madridista an utterly unique and rule-breaking experience.

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Never. Be. Satisfied. It seems ridiculous, after an era that could be considered almost undeniably one of the greatest eras of any football club in the history of the beautiful game, the fans still feel the need to boo the players that bring them such joy. So, as bizarre as it seems, to be a true Real Madrid fan, you must enjoy booing your players? You are of course extremely passionate, and amongst the loudest fans in the world, but the tumultuously loud roars throughout the Santiago Bernabeu can be either out of adoration or frankly, pure hatred toward their players in white.

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If you are anti-blanco, then firstly, why are you on this page? Secondly, VICE Sports have published a hard-hitting yet articulate anti-madridista article addressing issues that indicate Real Madrid as the team that contains the ‘worst fans in the world’. Real Madrid fans, maybe read this article to feel good about all the publicity?

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