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Paris Saint Germain, a club that seems to be a magnet for domestic success. Must be fun to be a fan of the French giants? Possibly, but this comes at the expense of 48 years of no European glory. Depending on the philosophies towards success that you possess, you may consider PSG a failure, as many opposition supporters do. Either way, you have the belief that the European domination is surely around the corner for Les Perisians.


PSG fans are renowned for having one of the loudest fanbases in modern-football. These passionate PSG fanatics have the power to make an away game feel like home for their beloved Rouge-Et-Bleus. An example of the fans’ incredible ability to bring the passion of Paris to the away games is the 2018/19 UCL round of 16 knockout fixture against Manchester United at Old Trafford. One of the best displays of fans taking over the stadium in recent memory, PSG fans absolutely dominated the crowd as their players dominated the game in a 0-2 victory away to a resurging Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Just see for yourself.

If you’re a PSG fan you aren’t like the Marseilles and the Lazios, you are very much content with supporting your players through thick and thin. Whether your witnessing an 8-1 annihilation or a performance of underwhelming football drudgery, you have faith that your beloved PSG will remain in the top tier of footballing supremacy.


An interesting note to take in reference to the PSG supporter system is that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to find a Les Perisian supporter group in your area quite easily. Just refer to this link,7.4976515000000745,2 to get yourself involved with the PSG diehards.

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