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Pascoe Vale Futsal Club officially sold!

By Kosta Diamantopoulos

The departure of Australian Futsal legend Paul Vidic from his beloved Pascoe Vale Lions FC rocked the Series Futsal world as although his last few seasons in the top-flight were turbulent, Vidic was integral to the development of the Elite Leagues and the sport as a whole in Australia. Over a decade in the highest domestic competition is no easy accomplishment and now, Vidic steps away from his Presidential role after the selling of Pascoe Vale FC.


Vidic during his ownership nurtured the development of many talents such as the most coveted player in history Andre Caro, goal-scoring icon Joao Da Silva & even his own son Jye Vidic, creating a legacy for the new president, Aidin Caci who will hope to inherit and progress the club’s legendary status during this completely new era for the Lions.


It is believed that the club was sold for close to $10,000 with profits directed to former president and beneficiary Paul Vidic. As we remain in the early genesis of the implementation of money in futsal, this fee gives club owners much more insight into the worth of their club based on overall stature, current position in the Elite Leagues and historic value.


Chief commissioner Peter Parthimos had optimistic words on the new ownership and takeover of Pascoe Vale.


“The confirmation of the selling of Pascoe Vale Lions Futsal Club has come to me as no surprise as I believe most clubs, and particularly this club have invested over 15 years of development, growth, and lots of dollars. Being one of the most successful futsal clubs in Australia, I believe the new owners have made a great decision to purchase the club.”


The takeover is also seen as a logical one as Caci was formerly managing promising Series Futsal Premier League side Northern Eagles FC but has opted to take the high risk, high reward route that sees him fast-track his presidential development as he now owns a club in the State League Championship, something it would have taken his side a minimum of 2 years to promote to, with a perfect record of consecutive domestic promotions.


“Cashed up companies and individuals keen to get involved in Series Futsal can buy into the top-flight as opposed to having to start at the Series Futsal Premier League and aim for numerous promotions through the league structure, which would take two and a half years with a perfect run to get to Series Futsal,” Parthimos continued.


“It is fitting that the Lions paved the way on and off the court for years and are continuing to shape the game's future.”


Caci has been frequenting the Series Futsal Elite and Futsal Oz Social Leagues for the past few seasons and believes he can provide the tools for a club as legendary as Pascoe Vale to return to the top-flight and become a force to be reckoned with once again.


“We have large plans for Pascoe Vale and our ambitions are high. For a club with as much history and legacy as the Lions do, we felt only right to take over and give them all the tools necessary to not only take them back to the heights they once reached, but to exceed them and develop the club into undoubtedly the biggest club in Australia.”


Perhaps an aspect neglected by most top-tier clubs is the youth-level and the ability to bring in young, fresh faces to the competition; which is something Caci believes will be key to the success of his takeover of the Lions.


“We plan to immediately establish a youth squad which will compete in the Series Futsal Victoria Youth League. This will be in line with the ownership's main focus, which is to develop and foster the next generation of futsal stars. Youth is at the centre of our plan to eventually bring back the former glory that the Lions once had. Furthermore, we plan to set up junior squads in as many age groups as possible. Getting young kids in the door early and showing them the joy of futsal is very important to us.”


Caci additionally praised the women’s competition, declaring his ambitions to hold a position in this competition as well.


“We want to branch out into the women's game, as we value the quality that the WSFV has been producing. There is so much incredible talent in the women’s game, and we want to be a major force in the rapid growth of this side of futsal.  We believe that every club in the top leagues should be striving to include a youth and women’s side in their ranks. The onus should be on club owners to develop and enhance not only their own teams, but the sport as a whole.”


On top of these ambitious and passioante statements, Caci expressed gratitude to Vidic who will temporarily step-away from the game entirely.


“Before we get started with the journey, we want to thank Paul immensely for the help in transitioning the club over to us. He is a bonafide legend of the game and we promise to uphold his legacy and take Pascoe Vale right back to where they belong, and that is at the top of this sport.”


With next season heating up amongst all of the Elite Leagues, the news of Pascoe Vale’s new ownership will only add to the excitement of next season’s State League Championship campaign, which is looking to be one of its most competitive yet.

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