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We all know them as Geordies. Newcastle United’s animated fanbase has been often referred to as the ‘Toon Army’. This funnily enough is because of the accents the Geordies possess when they pronounce the word ‘town’ as ‘toon’ as they were formally known as the ‘Town Army’. The Toon Army are among some of the most iconic football fanbases in the world, as they are also currently the second loudest home and away fans in the English Premier Division (behind Liverpool). 

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The club is often referred to with low expectations and a form of disregard as nobody classifies them as the viable threat they once were. Newcastle’s fanbase most notable growth in fans occurred in the early 2000s, when they were consistently pushing for Champions League qualification and putting the pressure on the top title contenders of the English Premier League. Although expectations rose, performances dipped as they were relegated in their 2008/09 season with club legend Alan Shearer as their head coach. This led fans to rebel against the hierarchy of their beloved magpies as the public had been notified of the circumstances head coaches were forced to work under by the Newcastle board.

Nothing sums up the Toon Army’s fury more then the rant by internet-famous Youtube star ‘The True Geordie’. Beloved for his uncensored and uncut footballing-opinions, Brian Davis sums up exactly what it means to be a Newcastle Supporter. You must be rough, thick-skinned, demanding and a realist. No bull****. You cannot accept your club playing like a relegation side. This is Newcastle United, a team built on the foundation of a diehard fandom, English icons and an ensemble of trophies, you must make your opinion heard.

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