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In collaboration with Series Futsal Victoria, you can now find an up-to-date Elite League Ranking System every week via

The rankings are based on the ELO rating system, developed by Dr. Arpad Elo. This system will be applied to all games being played in the Series Futsal Arena, taking into account the competition & goal-difference of the match result.


How it will work:


The rankings are based on the following formulas:

Rn = Ro + K x (W – We)


Rn = the new ranking

Ro = the old ranking (prior to the match)

K = the competition weighting

W = final result of match

We = expected result (win expectancy is based on who is placed higher in ranking)


Competition weighting:

20 for FOz Cup

40 for all Elite League league fixtures (SL3 to SFV)

50 for all play-off games

60 for all Clubs Cup matches


The points above show the maximum of what a club can lose or gain after a match, depending on the result & fixture.

A weekly update will be provided on the live-standings of the clubs rankings with commissioner

Joseph Ackon providing insight & explaining why/how clubs have arrived in whichever position

they may be in.

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