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Moreland Blues Futsal Club publicly announce refusal to participate in media for the remainder of the 2022/2 season.

By Kosta Diamantopoulos

After another blockbuster round of Series Futsal, we are left with more talking points regarding the title-race, but more specifically the Moreland camp.


The reigning champions have made it known over the past week that they do not agree with decisions made by the Series Futsal commission after Atay Ibrahim’s straight red card and manager Deren Saban’s sending off soon after; both incidents occurring in their Round 14 encounter with rivals Fitzroy Tigers.


The following week, captain Christos Apostolakis would join SFV representative Alex Sivkarovski for the routine Post-Match Interview after his side’s win over Altona Knights.


“We were disappointed in the decisions that were made last week on the court. Pretty disappointed with a couple decisions made during the week as well, in regards to the suspensions.


As a playing group we have had a discussion as a club and we’re just not going to do any more media for the rest of the season, so you won’t see us until the end of the rounds.”


Apostolakis then promptly walked out on the interview, leaving a dumbfounded Sivkarovski 

to composedly close the telecast.


Many are pondering where the situation goes from here, and Series Futsal CEO Peter Parthimos is now offering transparency on how the situation will be handled.


“It was unclear whether Moreland requested to have no media at all or not. There are many elements that fall under this branch. Our media consists of a variety of social media mentions, live coverage of matches, photography and other elements. We will do our best to make this more clear as the commission will be meeting on Tuesday.”, says Parthimos.


As things become more clear during the week, it's safe to say that the drama won't stop here as the 2022/2 season continues to bring all of the competitiveness and emotion out of the Series Futsal sides.

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