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Manchester United. The historic titans of English football. If you aren't a fan yorself, you definitely know more than enough fans of the Red Devils. Known for their phenonemal reach and multicultural fanbase around the world, Manchester United have always been regarded as having one of the most die-hard fan-bases in all of footballing history. History, history, history. We’ve all heard about the Busby Babes, Fergie Time and the historic treble of 1998/1999 but other than the incredible success of the club itself, what makes being a Manchester United fan so unique?

The Iconic Busby Babes


Being a fan of Manchester United is a pretty fun gig in hindsight. This is a major reason as to why they are so despised by fans across the world. How can you not hate your smug mate who will forever hold an abundance of arguments containing ‘history’ and ‘trophies’ to counter your every move. After being on top for so long, breaking records and making history, Manchester United has finally been hit with an awful number of tedious obstacles making it utterly bittersweet for fanatics who have loved making their voices heard.

To be a Manchester United fan you must have thick skin for two key reasons. One being the fact that EVERYBODY is out to get you. Everybody wants to see you down, you’re the giant who everyone once envisioned themselves as the underdog against, and now that this aura has passed, you will at find yourself at the brunt of many insults and words of belittlement.

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The rant that made FullTimeDEVILS famous

Your other reason, the club itself. Over the years you have tolerated egos unimaginable including Alex Ferguson himself, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane and Paul Pogba, all beloved people, all controversial. Your thick skin can only take so much though, as your clubs once beautiful, attacking football was destroyed by the likes of Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho, it was time to speak up. A rebellion in repetition it was for the Manchester United die-hard fans, as they screamed ‘ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!’ at their players and coaching staff who responded with a refusal to acknowledge the loud protests.

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