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Well, what is there to say about this quirky nickname. ‘The Cityzens’ is quite clearly a genius play on the word ‘citizens’. The historic significance of this supporter group doesn’t necessarily contain years upon years of depth and origins quite like some of the other famous Premier League giants, but this incredibly talented club’s stature is growing in the modern world of football more than any other club. This is solely due to it’s sudden uprising in the last decade. Although Manchester City haven’t had decades upon decades of success (ignoring the dominating team of the late 1960s), their title winning form of the last 6 years has cemented the club as the number one threat in the Premier League.

first epl trophy.jpg

They may be considered villainous for the manner in which they were rocketed into the top tier of world football after their purchase by Sheikh Mansour, but there aren’t many that can say they truly despise a Cityzen. Manchester City fans may have a growing fanbase compared to other Premier League mainstays, but these fans are undoubtedly some of the most passionate supporters you will find. These fans have witnessed relegations, promotions, takeovers, heartbreaking losses and trophies, all elements of what they believe have fuelled the loyal Manchester City supporter.

What about the fans? Not known for their vocality (why not?), not the most populated, but definitely the most satisfied with quality football being produced. Cityzens are often at the brunt of comedic accusations for their notoriously insignificant amounts of fans attending home games in recent years. Although this is the case, it isn’t necessarily a verbal victory in an argument because at the end of the day you’re arguing with a supporter who’s happily witnessed 3 Premier League titles of the last 6 years.

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PS. According to statistics recorded by an American Expert, Manchester City are entering January of the 2018/19 season as holders of the second loudest fanbase.

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