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Whether it’s in reference to the fans or the team itself, the names ‘Gunners’ and ‘Gooners’ is synonymous with football fans across the world. In this case, We’ll address the ‘Gooners’ term that represents the diehard fans that bleed the colour equivalent to the one they saw weekly, whilst shouting at a camera outside the Emirates Stadium after another atrocious performance lead by Arsene Wenger. ArsenalfanTV eat your heart out, that colour is red.

To be a true Gooner you must have the ability to stay true to your opinion whether you’re arguing with a fellow Gunners fan or the follower of another club. Although your stubbornness is a weapon in your ‘Arsenal’, you cannot let any bias thoughts change your opinion on the position your club is in. There is no room for the benefit of the doubt. If your coach, players, club owner or anyone affiliated with the club, is not pulling their weight for as long as one matchday, get the torches and pitchforks.


Arsenal Squad 1895-1896 season

The origin of the name Gooners begins with the term ‘goon squad’ which was the name of an old Arsenal firm. This combined with Arsenal’s first ever nickname, created by the men that formed the 1886 side, ‘The Gunners’, would create the hybrid term. The history of the name shows the appreciation Arsenal fans have for the men behind the genesis of their beloved Arsenal FC.

The Gooners are passionate fans and are best known as being a mainstay in the world of footballing media through their association with Youtube brand ArsenalfanTV.

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