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Lazio; The home of modern-day Serie A’s most notorious supporters. TheTifoseria Laziale’s aggressive manner derives from the united ultras of the Irriducibili, who lead the Lazio terrace in one of, if not the most famous eras of Lazio supporters. Ultra-groups had come and gone by this point in 1987, but these diehard fans were amongst the longest-lasting Lazio ultras, leading the terrace until 2009/10. The Irriducibili were the supporters that were privileged enough to witness Lazio’s most successful seasons.

lazio nazis.jpg

It’s not exactly rocket science to figure out how a typical Lazio support conducts themselves, but there are still examples to consider of these reckless football fans making their mark on modern-day football hooliganism. Take the 2019/20 Europa League group stage, which saw Lazio in a group with Marseille, Frankfurt and Apollon Limassol. There it is, Marseille, home of France’s most notorious ultras. Lazio fans had understood that they met their match, and no mutual respect was provided, as they treated this fixture as an opportunity to invade and attempt to one-up each other on away turf. This fixture saw around 80 fans from each team meet up hours before kick-off, where there were weapons including knives and sticks involved in the brawl. Fans were left injured but there were no fatalities, but there very easily could’ve been.

Much like those of Zenit or Millwall, Lazio fans have been painted as villains of the football world, and much like those of Zenit or Millwall, they appear to embrace it. With a history of diehard fans being banned from the Stadio Olimpico or even arrested and jailed due to their belligerent and hostile acts of hooliganism, Lazio fans are more than happy to be painted as the outlaws of the world of football supporter groups.

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