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The Elite Leagues continue to heat up in the early stages of the 2023/1 campaign and with Clubs Cup looming ahead, here is an update on where all the clubs rank after Round 4!

In Series Futsal Victoria, biggest gain was Hume FC against Moreland FC for a valuable 35 points as FC Carlton Heart lost 24 points after falling to Altona with a 5-goal difference.


The State League Championship continued with another frothy round as FC Melbourne Athletic lost 21 points to Yarra All Stars with Pascoe Vale FC getting a second win of the season for 17 points after defeating Metropolitan FC in penalties.


In State League One, Thornbury United lost a staggering 29 points after being beaten by newcomers Kensington Eagles, and it was the undefeated Western City FC who won the main event encounter for 22 points against an inform North Melbourne side. Thomastown United also dropped 22 points against a Brunswick side who dramatically picked up their first win.


In State League Two, St George gained 25 points after beating Richmond South Melbourne went down by 22 points in their lost to RMI


State League Three saw perhaps the biggest loss overall with Point Cook Wolves losing 37 points to Northern RSL and Northern Immortals gaining 36 points to Northern Tigers.


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