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FFA Cup 2018: The One with Craig Goodwin 

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Craig Goodwin. Wow. Just wow.

Tonight Adelaide's own Coopers Stadium held the fifth annual FFA Cup Grand Final between hometown heroes Adelaide United and travelling opponents Sydney FC.

This match was a testament to the ever-growing state of football in Australia, with both teams throwing virtually everything behind the ball for the entire 90 minutes.

The first half felt as if you could have missed it just by blinking, as both teams put on a show for all the spectators to enjoy. The game floated through an even 45 minutes of play, finishing at 1-1 due to a penalty from Sydney marksman Le Fondre who was forced to follow a wonder-strike from Craig Goodwin of Adelaide United to open the scoring.

The second half was no different to the first, with both teams going 'hammer and tongs' for the winning goal, with scrappy fouls, heated conflict and yellow cards being a regular occurrence.


Although Sydney were the defending champions, the favorites to take the cup home even on away turf, it was Adelaide who scored the next and ultimately, last goal of the FFA Cup Grand Final and would you believe it, Craig Goodwin was the man to drag Adelaide to their second FFA Cup trophy with his INCREDIBLE brace.

A brilliant performance from the local hero, his name will be etched in not only FFA Cup's short history, but Australian football history in general. In a sport that is dominated by European and South American stars giving Australian fans little to compare to, moments like this are moments that young Aussie soccer stars cherish in their long journey to their professional footballing career. With this performance, The Mark Viduka Medal winner, Craig Goodwin has undoubtedly gained the affection of many. Bravo!

Source: Getty Images

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Kosta Diamantopoulos of La Trobe University

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