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Series Futsal Scope 2023 | Episode 1

Cosimo Russo has completed his emphatic return to Fitzroy Futsal Club where he reunites with close friend and former teammate Scott Rogan for the 2023 season. 


The duo kicks off the first Series Futsal Scope episode of the year with the discussion of the Victorian success in the recent National Championships as both Rogan and Russo played key roles in their side's triumph.


With Russo now returning to the Tigers, the pair both gave their opinions on the new signing and how they believe their bolstered squad will fare in the 2023 season. The timeline of the friendship from way before their respective futsal journeys was a major discussion topic as both players have grown together from primary school friends to Series Futsal Victoria Champions, to now national champions.


Other topics include season predictions, the All Star games, Fernando De Moraes & much more on what is the longest Series Futsal Scope episode ever released.

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