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Campbellfield officially sign one of two rumoured transfers as Adam El Hayek joins for the 2021 season.  

Quang Tran has officially completed the signing of undoubtedly one of Australian futsal’s greatest young talents, Adam El Hayek.


The news comes as a huge shock to the Series Futsal community as the transfer seemingly came out of nowhere due to the short and sweet nature of the negotiations.


Fitzroy’s Round 15 clash against the Western Wolves was officially the youngster’s last match for the Tigers as his side achieved a hard-fought 3-0 victory.


Fitzroy teammates and El Hayek could be seen embracing after their victory off the court as it was clear emotions were high due to the departure of one of the club’s brightest prospects throughout the years.


“In all honesty it wasn’t the ideal way I wanted to go out but I was happy to get the three points with the team. I enjoyed playing with all the boys one last time.”


El Hayek may find himself fighting for the title against Fitzroy next season, as Campbellfield maintained a strong pursuit for the title for the first half of the season, going undefeated in the first seven games but ultimately losing their way in the later rounds.


“It’s a new challenge for me and a different experience with a new outfit. I’m probably looking forward to playing with Hayden Kanjo the most as it’s something we’ve both been wanting for a while now.”


Henrique Pimenta, Enzo Marangoni and Sofiane Soufi will all also be looking forward to playing alongside the 2019/20 Youth Player of the Season as they hope to have found their missing piece of the puzzle to claim their first coveted Series Futsal Victoria title.


El Hayek and co. will also be delighted with the prospect of playing alongside Carlton powerhouse Arturo Garzon Diaz, who is now rumoured to be the next big signing for Campbellfield.


The news comes as a shock as it seemed Diaz’s loyalty to Carlton was unrivalled, but the Colombian has had some serious thinking to do after being linked to the fourth-placed-team. 


With no concrete deal confirmed, there is no certainty behind the legitimacy or progress of the transfer with both parties keeping quiet on the topic.


After returning from a severe knee injury, Diaz has been regularly playing for Carlton and if the rumours ring true, the pacey defender will be looking to find old form in new colours in the 2021 season.

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