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We offer a unique service providing customers with full social media coverage of any event required. 



There are a number of skills that come with the full package that can be divided for a cheaper price! See the fee list below.


$60 P/H

This package is an entire social media takeover to sufficiently cover the event. With this package you receive all RAW images taken throughout the event for post-event purpose whilst we simultaneously live-post through whatever social account you desire. The live-posts include stories to display the attendees enjoying themselves, live action and/or behind the scenes production. If your event spans multiple days we prioritise making permanent posts to promote the success of the event as it proceeds.

We also create graphics for live-posting that include the logos of your sponsors as well as our content from the event to provide a crisp and professional look for your brand. Within hours of the content being captured, we deliver it to your desired newsfeeds!

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$35 P/H

This is the photography package created for the sole purpose of capturing all of the celebrations and action-shots possible. 

Enquire for prices relating to post-production services (editing/publishing content)


$35 P/H

With our ensemble of media equipment we can additionally film your event for post-production purposes (live coverage coming soon). Whether it's on the floor filming up close and personal b-roll footage or covering a sporting match from an elevated view we have the resources for you to receive a quality product.

Enquire for prices relating to post-production services (editing/publishing content)


$35-$50 P/H

This one is more flexible due to its uniqueness. All events need some sort of coverage and with our experience and educational qualifications, we provide a versatile range of journalistic skills to best report on your event. From live interviews to written pieces, podcast summaries to live commentary, we can do it.

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