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Moreland FC embrace first contract-based system in Series Futsal history.

By Kosta Diamantopoulos

What is still considered to be a taboo-topic in Australian futsal, ‘money in futsal’ seems to be slightly coming out of its forbidden shell.


Thanks to the likes of futsal clubs Moreland and Campbellfield, there are now more open discussions on player salaries and financial agreements, although the word is still being spread through murmurs and whispers.


Owner and manager of Moreland Futsal Club, Deren Saban is now openly introducing his contractual structure that he has implemented at the Blues to the public.


“All representatives are on legitimate contracts now which consists of individual contract lengths, buy out clauses and individually based performance requirements", explains Saban.

This is a first in Series Futsal Victoria and the Elite Leagues and will completely change the dynamic of the transfer season that the futsal community is so used to.


“If a club wants to secure the services of a contracted player, the remainder of the contract plus the disclosed amount will need to be liased directly with the club. A club would need to be registered as a non-profit or a company, which I believe all clubs should work towards. If you're not your simply a club that is a bunch of friends playing on Friday."


Along with maintaining player-loyalty, Saban also praises his system’s ability to hold all parties in the agreement accountable.


“Contracts increase professionalism and ensure all players and the club become accountable.”


“It’s the way of the future, we started the model four years ago and have now perfected it. All of our players are legally contract on semi-professional contracts, an Australian first. This will ultimately be a step in the right direction for the clubs to grow.”


Curiosity is in the air as the community will wonder how other Australian futsal clubs will respond, and in a sport where loyalty and professionalism is often lacked, clubs may follow-suit and buy-in to Saban’s new structure.

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