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Northcote FC look to appeal forfeit of round 5 top-of-the- table clash due to a number of COVID-19 exposed players being forced into isolation.

By Kosta Diamantopoulos

Round 5 of WSFV was looking to be a jam-packed round with Carlton dismantling Preston with a staggering scoreline of 9-2, and Fitzroy finally finding form with a quality 5-1 win over Pascoe Vale. 

The evening was preparing to plateau with a blockbuster fixture scheduled as the main event of the night; first placed Northcote verses second placed Melbourne Amazons.

It was Camila Fresneda and Eleni Fakos up against their old side. The Amazons have already stunned most of the league, only failing to defeat Preston and were hoping to truly push the champions to their limit. 

The match finished 9-0.

A forfeit scoreline provided to the Amazons due to all but one of the Northcote players being forced to isolate due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne.

Head Coach Nas Saiid explained his side's situation and his own discontent to the ruling of the forfeit.

"Firstly, we didn't forfeit the game. We are living in a pandemic, a global pandemic. All of our players were in the middle of a hot spot and all got tested and were isolating. We would never forfeit as we know the league is ours and we have nothing to fear."

Saiid then provided evidence that showed test results for his star-players as they all tested negative for COVID-19. 

The Amazons took to social media for some harmless banter towards their counterparts which ultimately led to a spark in the friendly rivalry between the two clubs.         

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   "They know in their wildest dreams they will never beat us 9-0 or beat us at all. If they had faith in beating us they'll play us any time after the restrictions," says Saiid.

The outcome of the appeal remains unknown but it is predicted to lead to an epic match-up between the two sides. It's more than just three points now - bragging rights are on the line with both sides looking to prove a point at the other's expense. 

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